Hypnotic Gypsy (CBD) Review

Hypnotic Gypsy (CBD) Review

We had a chance to review Hypnotic Gypsy cbd products. This company has an array of products such as pet cbd oil, intimacy suppositories, arousal oil, salt scrub, relief salve, full spectrum cbd oil, cigar drip oil candles and body soap. The owner of the company sat down with Elicionne and Dj Blaz to promote the products. We were able to try the cigar drip, relief salve, body soap, arousal oil, and full spectrum cbd oil. We will rate the presentation, the quality and the overall product.


Hypnotic Gypsy review
Hypnotic Gypsy

The packaging and presentation of the bag and products were quality. Even though this product is not in actual stores (due to the nature of product) the look and quality looks like it should be. The bottles were durable, the bag resembled the bags that you would get from any quality store. The labels were nice and clean.


The product quality was top tier. As stated in the presentation you can easily mistaken their product for a major companies product. The only thing, you have to be sure to read the labels to be sure you’re using the correct product. All the labels look the same just different names.


The overall product worked awesome. The best products were the relief salve and the body soap in our opinion. The body scrub consisted of gypsy milk, honey, calendula and infused cbd. This soap helped balance the body ph so overall the private areas were happy. The relief salve was awesome for surgery after care for the pain and menstrual cramping. This was great for pain relief to avoid using opioids.


We recommend using this product if you want to avoid using opioids, thc or you just want to feel good. This is a great product for people and pets. Yes we said pets! You can purchase this product from their website https://hypnotic-gypsy.com/

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