#NewMusicAlert Extream Bling “Marijuana Helps Me Meditate”

#NewMusicAlert Extream Bling “Marijuana Helps Me Meditate”

Extream Bling releases an epic marijuana compilation.

Extream Bling goes into depth in each song about how weed helps him meditate. Some critics have said that you can’t be under the influence of marijuana and meditate, Extream totally disagrees. We were able to catch up with him to ask him a few questions about his album.

BADDIIEINC: What made you want to make an album about weed and meditation?

Extream Bling: The weed and meditation is a big part of my current life.

Baddiie Inc: Do you meditate first or some marijuana first?

Extream Bling: I smoke and meditate at the same time. Smoking helps me meditate.

Baddiie Inc: What is your favorite strand of weed?

Extream Bling: Irene

Baddiie Inc: Whats next for Extream Bling?

Extream Bling: I just dropped a new single titled Last Leg which is featured on Jermaine Barnes Netflix special.

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