Food Review: Melinated Cafe (Atlanta)

Food Review: Melinated Cafe (Atlanta)

The varieties of food in Atlanta have grown to astronomical heights. In particular the vegan industry. Baddiie CEO Elicionne had the chance to experience the Melinated Cafe tacos and rice. This late night spot features a vegan menu with burgers, tacos salads and more. The pricing was reasonable and stays open until 5am. When there is another late night be sure to stop by this place before you head home. Check out the ratings below.


The taste of these tacos were out of this world. I kept looking at the taco to make sure I wasn’t eating meat. The best part of the tacos were the crunchy soft tortilla. Everything just went together nicely.


Great location in the heart of downtown Atlanta. This restaurant stays open until 5am so the traffic is diverse.


The presentation of the tacos came in a basic to go box. The visual of the tacos almost resembled those fake tacos used in movies. The tacos came with hot sauce and rice.

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