Will Smith slaps Chris Rock during Oscars

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock during Oscars

During the Oscar Awards 2022 Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith. Chris Rock hosted and had an array of jokes for most of the attendees. One particular joke pushed a button which caused Will Smith to walk on stage and slap Chris Rock. The joke was pertaining to Jada Smith and her bald head. Jada Pinker Smith just went public about her auto-immune disease alopecia so the joke hit a sensitive spot. After the awards Will Smith apologized to the Oscar producers and those that attended. He later then posted a public apology on social media to Chris Rock.

Was it right for Will Smith to slap Chris Rock?

Everyone has very mixed feelings about this altercation. One thing for sure violence is not the answer and Will Smith could have handled it more professionally. Chris Rock said he would like to see Jada Pinket Smith should be in the next GI Jane movie. This was referencing her short hair cut. Some didn’t know of the auto immune disease that Jada has but Will Smith decided to defend his wife. Check out all the clips and photos below.

You can see by the looks on Jada’s face she didn’t find Chris Rock’s jokes funny. She actually seen a bit sad, which gave Will Smith the ammo and incentive to “protect his wife”. Following the slap he retorts keep my wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth. The other attendee’s were in shock by Will Smith’s actions. Following the Oscar awards he was seen attending an after party like nothing happened. This is not the first time Will Smith has slapped someone on camera for disrespect.

Will Smith apologizes publicly for slapping Chris Rock

This apology came 24 hours after the altercation. Sources say that his legal team advised him to make a statement and a public apology to save face and to possibly dodge a law suit. Will Smith apologized to the producers directly after the altercation during the break. Some say he should have made an apology right then and there and some say he did right by making it 24 hours after.

Will Smith's apology for slapping Chris Rock

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